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Tobacco Processing

April 23, 2011 | In: property

This group covers the business of drying tobacco leaves, making cigarettes containing clove (clove flower, clove leaf, clove-desist, and the aroma of cloves), the manufacture of cigarettes that do not contain components of clove, the manufacture of cigarettes, other than cigarettes or clove cigarettes, such as: cigars, cigarettes and cigarette aloes wood incense kawung, tobacco manufacture bersaus. Including the manufacture of flavour cigarettes, cigarette wrappers. and completeness of other cigarettes, such as: rhubarb incense, sauces cigarette / tobacco, klobot, kawung and manufacture of filters.

Tobacco nature does not last long to be stored, it must be fermented by mixing the ingredients does not mean making Chemical. Hal tobacco will not rot, but this is only one way to stabilize tobacco for flavor while maintaining the quality of the original. Processing of land: use tractor min.2x piracy. Fertilization and Planting: seed, fertilizer after successful moderation Irrigation: irrigation system regularly to maintain quality Control of pests and diseases: with a bio pesticide with regular supervision. Harvest: views of mature leaves for each leaf in the handling of more leverage. Post-Harvest: tobacco drying well. Curing Objectives: Removing tobacco leaf water of life from water content to 10 80 -90% -15%; changes color from green leaves of a substance with the scent of orange color in accordance with the standards of processed tobacco.

Some tobacco-processing equipment:

Conveyor Vibratory Metal Detector, Feeder Deep Through Orientating, Feeder Deep Through Orientating, Conveyor Vibratory, Tobacco Cutter/ RC 4 Cutters, Flavouring AC Cylinder, Tank Twin Flavouring, Flattener , Boiler, Blow down Vessel, Conveyor Vibratory In feed Flattener, Conveyor Vibratory Discharge Flattener, Vibratory Conveyor Sieving , Pneumatic Flap Sieving Conveyor, Auto Feeder, Mattering Tube, Weighing Conveyor, Vibratory Conveyor, Vibratory Conveyor, Dryer Annular, Conveyor Vibratory.

Trends in Cigarette Production. Cigarette production increased 10 times in the period 1969-1994 i.e. from 14.3 billion cigarettes to 156 billion sticks. While the white cigarette production increased 2-fold from 11.0 billion cigarettes to 21.2 billion batang.1 Based on the excise tax on the buyer during the period 1995-2000, the production of cigarettes showed an increase of 16% from 199.5 billion to 230.7 billion sticks sticks. After that the excise tax buyer declined 14% to 197.7 billion sticks in 2002.

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