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Quality assurance my KJPP

December 11, 2010 | In: appraisal appraiser, jewelry gemstone, Palm, property

Purpose: the conditions set on the quality policy and ethics that applies to KJPP. KJPP is name Public Valuer company in Indonesia). Quality assurance and Ethics Policy is policy and determination of the quality of procedures, activities and maintain quality services and distribution services from company to each client.  Quality assurance and Ethics Policy in this hierarchy is the document which is the highest reference in any activity. Services others: property services rating; conduct valuations against the property or other aspects associated with the property; Business Services Rating: valuation of the value of doing business and other aspects related to the business; consult other services; advise other, and not limited to valuation services include: feasibility studies, project supervision, rating plantation, and o

thers. Quality management system based on the shape and organization, the nature of t

he services and service provision and prerequisite

of all Clients. This provision applies to all employees.

Definition: Quality or size is the result of a process on the achievement of the qualitative / quantitative and compared with the reference standard which is the standard by the success of the process and KJPP Clients. Statement of Quality is a commitment in writing from the Board of Directors and employees in accordance with The Quality Policy and Ethics is defined in the current year. Controls are control over the requirements or limit the achievement produced to run in accordance with the provisions or standards which are owned by KJPP. A service is given by the output KJPP to each client. Services documented in the form of a Working Paper, News Events, Rating Reports, or other form agreed between the Client and KJPP.

Documented is the form of a written work or policy.  Of importance is the condition in which the Board of Directors and / or employees may have an opportunity not to be objective in accordance with the principles of independence and professional code of ethics.

Recruitment selection process is based on the needs of employees with regard KJPP career employees in the set. Permanent employees are employees who have been through the trial period for three (3) the first month of the date of receipt of the KJPP and has received approval from the Board of Directors. Permanent employees will receive the facility in accordance with the position or rank of the set by KJPP.

Provision: General Terms: Quality Control SOP arranges this as part of the prerequisites for the Quality Management System in the organization that has a standard to: exhibit the ability to obey the principle, to provide services that meet customer requirements and regulations. Improve customer satisfaction (customer satisfaction) through the application of the system effectively, including the process of sustainable improvement in the internal system and the certainty of the match customer requirements and regulations.

Identify the processes needed to implement the Quality Management System. Included therein is a process that takes place in each process or activity related to the services, namely the valuation. Identification is done in the SOP Rating. The order and interaction of the process that occurred with the full circumspection, analyzing processes, systems and procedures of each process in the form of a sequence of work, interaction and the standard form and flowchart, and other internal documents. Set the criteria and methods that ensure the process is in progress on KJPP line with the nature of the work, the level of interest and priority work on the Quality Control SOP assignment. Ensure the existence and source of information available to support the operation and monitoring process in accordance with the chapter on Management of Resources and Training (Training). Monitor measure and analyze the processes that take place in KJPP based on the provisions of SOP study quality. Implementing the action needed to achieve the planned results in the chapter Sustainable Repairs (Continuous Improvement). Manage all internal and external documents that are still valid, such as Quality Control SOP, pictures and images of objects and other documents the valuation and comply with the Standard Rating Indonesia (SPI) of the professional associations. Review the document and define the appropriate and feasible and associated with the process is in progress and also ensure that only eligible to a number of documents that can be used as a reference, and a number of documents that are not valid (obsolete) was identified and removed as obsolete document that is not used in the process is running. Ensure access, storage or control of documents in accordance with the authority.

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