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Process Engineering Door

August 31, 2011 | In: appraisal appraiser, property

Production Process Engineering Door: Material Preparation: Bare core as the core material sorted by size; Material cross bands, namely sheets of veneer that coats bare core, taken from the product veneer core. Materials, whose size is too wide / long, cut first using the machine to be given a certain tolerance Guillotine; The outermost layer taken from products of face / back veneer grade A or B. To this material should be made in advance as the process of making veneer core, but the materials used must log good (free of defects), at least 2.5 m long logs and processed using the appropriate machines, for example Rotary Lathe 9 feet, Clipper 9 feet, Veneer dryer with conveyor width over 2.6 m and the machine Guillotine 8 feet.

Production Veneer core & Plywood: Receipts Log to Veneer core, in this examination process, measuring the diameter and length of logs, and records all the data / logs dating specifications. To manufacture this veneer core should log-log entry is set 1.25 meters in length, so it does not need cutting process in the factory. Debarked Leather, using debarker machine or can be a way manual. Purpose to clean the skin surface of the log, preventing damage to the blade Rotary Lathe machines due to impurities in the logs, such as gravel, nails, wooden hearts, without the skin will facilitate the process of grading and sorting logs.

Selection of materials, selected veneer logs are smooth, flat spots, and large-diameter (20 cm above), the rest, namely the blue stain, broke out, many eyes, uneven spots, holes and small diameter (30 cm or less) prepared for production SLB and Bare core.

Determination of Center Point Circle, peeled log that feasible inserted into the area Rotary machine, then using the term manual, determined the center of the circle (at the Rotary Lathe machines are usually equipped with XY latest Charger to determine the circle center point automatically). Determination of the center point is important because it greatly affects the yield of veneer products.

Peeling: log and then installed on the machine Rotary Lathe, where his second spindle clamp right at the focal point has been made earlier. Set the rotational speed and the desired thickness of veneer, if already completed the process of stripping bias implemented. Peel process should be started by using air-Spindle Rotary Lathe, and then log the rest of the peeling peeled longer use without chuck Rotary Lathe, in order to increase the yield significantly.

Clipping, there is a defect peeling results are good. Veneer defects Clipper cut using the machine, usually carried out after drying and sometimes also after the drying process. Process undertaken by the Clipper machine is almost similar to the cross-cut the saw-timber. Clipper machines are now usually equipped with devices to detect the thickness of the veneer, the veneer is not the same when its thickness is considered rejected and the Clipper machine will automatically cut.

Sort, optimize machine utilization and process-time, should be done sorting and classification of veneer before entering the drying process. Veneer that has been ascertained reject separated and should not be included in the next process.

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