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Oil palm plantations in Mandailing Natal

October 5, 2010 | In: Palm

Oil palm plantations, PT Rimba Mujur Mahkota administratively located in the Village Sikara-kara, District of Natal, Mandailing Natal district and directly adjacent to the West coast. In general, North Sumatra and include the location of the garden has a humid tropical climate.

Annual rainfall average based on records Pinang Sori Sibolga Station 4882 mm and the number of rainy days 303 days / year and day of highest rainfall occurs in November.

The average air temperature was recorded monthly between 25.5 ° C to 26.6 ° C, and annual average 25.9 ° C. Maximum air temperatures occurred in May of 26.6 ° C, and minimum in November by 25.5 ° C. Air temperature <20 ° C resulted in the delay of flowering, and > 35 ° C affected the crop productivity. Thus the mean temperature is not a limiting factor for plant growth.

Humidity evenly each year with a value of relative humidity (RH) annual average ranged 82 to 87%, and the monthly average of 86%. The high relative humidity caused by low solar radiation, but because the air temperature is high enough and sufficient water supply, so that evaporation took place intensively. High humidity (> 90%), leaf transpiration is reduced.

The location, including wind speed average low of 3.1 knots. This is due to differences in temperature around the relatively small, according to the Beaufort scale, wind speeds include weak class, and this is in accordance with the desired plants.

Based on agro-climatic classification systems Schmidt and Ferguson location of PT Rimba Mujur Mahkota included in the type A, where the value of the ratio between the months of dry and wet months (Q) equal to zero or below 14.3%.

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