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Experience with the curator and judge in the valuation of property

November 29, 2010 | In: property

This morning, my phone rang brand Black Berry. Wow who is this hell? Apparently there are clients willing to take appointments in the Office of Justice; the story is Bankruptcy, a company in the field of textile and mining coal experience bankruptcy.

I thought immediately, the monetary crisis in Indonesia in mid-July 1997 which resulted in many companies went bankrupt. Dawned in my mind, this client asked me fatherly meeting up in order to meet the legal needs of business people who want the bankruptcy process that can run fast, transparent, effective, fair and able to guarantee the legal certainty of valuation of its assets / property.

Long story short, I am preparing materials related to the demand for client / curator of the offer letter rating actions with the scope of work on request, including equipment for admission to the judge’s administrative supervisor. Curator shall mean the Orphan’s Chamber or an individual appointed by the court to manage and liquidate the assets of Bankrupt Debtor under the supervision of Supervisory Judge as provided for herein.

He said to me that the curator may release goods serving as collateral at any time by paying to the Creditor the lesser between the market price of the collateral goods and the total debt secured by such collateral goods, whichever is the smaller amount.

So the curator and judge supervisors also need a valuer then, fatherly help solve the problem of bankruptcy. In this case they ask for our professional services as an appraiser fatherly calculate the value of property auctions that have been bankrupt. They explain me; I will take in report valuation market value and liquidation value.

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