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Drying process for plywood

September 3, 2011 | In: appraisal appraiser, property

Drying, drying process can be done using a machine or machines Veneer Dryer Hot Press. Grafting, there are many types of switching process, depending on the type of product and the desired quality standards. There are manuals, but most is done by using the machine, all machines Builder and Core Veneer Joint Scarf machine.

Cutting End Once dried, cut to size veneer then being requested, such as 2515 / 2540 mm x 1270 mm, on the invoice as a 2240 ​​mm x 1220 mm. To this end cutting machine used Guillotine 8 “. Therefore dry veneer product is not a final product, then the size, the pattern must match the standard plywood is made. Preparation of materials for plywood, as the core material Veneer core sorted by size; To Plywood 5 layers or more need to be prepared in advance center core materials, namely sheets veneer core the middle that has the grain (wood fibers) opposite the backing sheet; The outer layer is deducted of products face / back veneer (usually taken from a face veneer grade A and grade B for back). To this material should be made in advance using machines Rotary Lathe 9 feet, which correspond clipper, Veneer Dryer. The Fist Glue used glue spreader machine for adhesive smeared across the surface to be affixed.

The First Coating 1: The coating process begins by using Cold Press machine also called Pre Press, the same goal with a coating on Block board, namely: (1) optimize the penetration of glue into the pores of the wood, (2) avoid the occurrence of porosity or air / vacuum trapped between two surfaces; After ½ hour, the boards of the machine was moved to Cold Press Hot Press machine to the press once again accompanied by a heating process in order to glue on the surface layer of quick drying. Hot Press process lasts for about 10 minutes.  Sanding; The process of sanding is done by machine Wide Belt Sander Specialty Plywood / Veneer.

The Second Glue, The layers center core, veneer core and face / back veneer then put together into one unified structure through the process and the process of Cold Press Hot Press. The structure is called Plywood. Cutting: Cutting the final or the final sizing usually use machines or Double Saw squaring that could well do the cutting width and cutting length. Sanding 2: Sometimes the process Sanding 2 is no longer needed if the face / back veneer are too thin. Packing: Plywood products in the pack by using pallets and tied according to export standards. Maximum length of pallet is 101” wide and maximum 52″

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