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Dilemma as a professional Appraiser

October 18, 2010 | In: appraisal appraiser

During this time, as the valuer is often given the task quite challenging. The scope of work is quite broad and many. Working time is very short as well as an appraisal fee that a mediocre aka a very thin margin. This is the dilemma as a professional.

Almost all the professionals in the field of valuation services, especially in Indonesia the possibility of having this condition.

In terms of professional standards demanded must remain in compliance and meet applicable professional standards (currently SPI 2007 refers to the international valuation standards) as well as internal operational standards which must meet minimum standards set. general conditions are applicable, while the special conditions of its application is still difficult. In addition to infrastructure that has not met, such as data processing system devices are relatively expensive, externals data base system is still difficult to obtain, so as a valuer, often collect data or conduct their own research.

This will result in jobs for a relatively long time. By spending a relatively long time period resulted in a valuation to be a long job as well.

In the meantime, service users or end user, often do not pay attention to the interests of its own valuer, but more self-absorbed. It is relatively very cheap fee, we are required to do with a relatively short time. In general they are more concerned with their own goals.Thus the gap or the gap between the assignor/ client and the valuer own.

Do Until when will this happen? this is the beginning of the problem or dilemma. for need valuation remember or KJPP Pangaloan as valuer indonesian.

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